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Nimrod Outdoor Company is a family owned and operated manufacturing company located in Washington State. Washington is a sportsman’s paradise with variable terrain from sea level to majestic mountains towering over 10,000 feet. Washington is also home to superb big game wildlife habitat with abundant diversity in forests and terrain.
This beautiful and rugged environment is the perfect testing ground for extreme gear use, and our research and development team work closely with our Pro-Staff, Field-Staff, Outdoors men and women, and Guides and Outfitters in an effort to develop new innovations and improve our equipment as needs and materials change.
It's one thing to design products for the American hunter and western firefighter who mandates exceptional quality and specialized features, but it's another thing to be 100% made in America. We are proud to have a long history of being designed, manufactured, and field proven by Americans who know what's required.
Our professional mission is to provide the extreme outdoor gear user with the highest level of quality and comfort that current technology and materials can offer, making Nimrod Outdoor “the most comfortable pack you’ll ever try to wear out!

Nimrod gear has always been made in America and we look forward to continuing on with the American Made Tradition!
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