Our packs and accessories use a color coded. Remember that Nimrod is a system. The following tips should help you better understand how to take full advantage of this system.
  • Note the color coded female buckles on each pack bag or frame pack (two on top and two at bottom corners) these match with the color of the male buckles on the shoulder harness.
  • Slide the male buckle down the webbing until it matches the height of the bag or accessory, (scabbard, hydro-pack, meat pack, frame ect). The upper bag also has a female buckle at their lower corners, attach those, (one on each side) to the male matching buckle on the lower base belt, each side. (These have a white dot) The male has a long strap, tighten until pack is snug. Accessories, attach in the same way as the pack bags, match the two top females with the matching harness male buckles, slide male up or down webbing to match desired height.


  • When attaching the pack bags and accessories, they should lay naturally against the basebelt pack suspension and all straps should be pulled so there is no extra slack and no shifting.


  • The suspension should be adjusted so that when the pack belt is centered on your hips the d-rings on the shoulder harness should be 1”-2” foward of the top. Loosen and tighten the front adjusters and single center rear adjuster until this is attained, this is critical for optimum pack fit. A little time in adjustment yields many years of comfort and great performance in the field!

​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

  • The belt adjustment is attained by holding each side of webbing and pushing away from the belt, this makes it easier to tighten the belt in a ergonomic fashion. Loosen with adjuster on belt.


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